Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: I Kill Giants “Finestkinds”

I Kill Giants “Finestkinds”
<1> “Veins” – This song isn’t catchy or poppy, but I do like the line of “So tell me how was your summer?  Because mine was just fine”.   I really like these lyrics.   Then we start in with some group vocals/screaming just after the two minute mark.   This is such a complex song, but I love it.  As I’m doing my research, I find that this song is actually exclusive to this EP, so there you go.   Around the three and a half minute mark this song seemingly resets itself.    Here comes the clapping.   It was instrumental for a while but here comes the part about blood and veins again.   Then we go back to the line I like about summer, which is just so randomly wonderful.   And now it’s over.
<2> “I Believe in Technology” – Based solely on this song title, I can say that I believe this song was released before.  Upon looking it up, I did in fact find it to be the second song on “Let It Out”.  I’m not in the business of comparing songs side by side when they are essentially the same (I’ll leave that to Vanilla Ice), but I assume this was re-recorded or some such thing and that’s how it ended up making its come back. 
[Editor’s Note: Upon researching it- Basically looking at the Band Camp page where this was downloaded- this is a re-recording of one of IKG’s catchier songs indeed]
<3> “Pigskins” – Is that a trumpet?  This is a two minute instrumental that according to them will be on their next full length.  When will that come out because I’d like to hear it now.  (Or maybe before everyone else at least)   Shout out to the drum work on this track, it’s really standing out.  I think the trumpet is gone.  Near a minute and a half and we’re getting quiet.   Well, they could make this song longer or leave it just how it is but I wouldn’t say it needs vocals. 

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