Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Promises”

The Illegal WiretapsPromises
                When it comes to a band like The Illegal Wiretaps I keep telling you that you can never truly know what to expect.    Sometimes their music seemingly has patterns and sometimes it can throw you an R.A. Dickey curveball, which is pretty much what I feel happened here on “Promises”. 
                The first pattern you can pick up without even listening to the songs is that each of these seven song titles is a single word that begins with the letter “P” (Hence the title track being first.)   The surprising part of these songs is not only the music but the lyrics.  To anyone who ever may have said that this band is just a bunch of noise, shove this heavily distorted prog rock down your musical palette and see what you vomit in return.
                In rare form, the song “Pictures” almost becomes poppy in some way, as if you could see people hopping around and singing to it at a show.   “Perfect” is one of the less distorted sounding songs, but honestly, this has a very good sound to it no matter what’s going on (kind of like old Nirvana).
                My favorite song is “Pretend”, in which The Smiths are channeled not only in the music but possibly also the lyrics.   I particularly like this variation of these lines:
“I used to pretend to be invisible / you were never there for me /
Now I pretend to belong to someone else / get the fuck away from me”
                Now when you listen to “Promises” you can truly say you are listening to something new from The Illegal Wiretaps.   I just think it might be funny should someone listen to this, enjoy it and then choose next to listen to something such as “Casiotopia” but you’ve got to find it out somehow for yourself. 

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