Monday, August 20, 2012

CD REVIEW: Riley Etheridge Jr. “The Arrogance of Youth”

Riley Etheridge Jr.The Arrogance of Youth
                When I first put this album on, I felt like I had walked into a Southern Baptist Church that was singing with the passion and fire that only they can.   It has that organ driven music mixed with other non-traditional instruments (Well, traditional for church maybe) and it doesn’t hurt that the chorus sings “Grace will wash my sins away”.
                As the first song progresses, I hear these beautiful piano notes being played followed by guitars and horns and I think to myself, “Wow… if Electric Mayhem was really a band, this could be a song they’d sing”.    Being a huge fan of Dr. Teeth especially and all of the Electric Mayhem, I find this to be a particularly striking compliment to the sound of the first song.
                Other songs tend to vary from a strictly almost straight up country sound (Yet not all too displeasing to my ears) and something along the lines of later Counting Crows (Think when they did the song “Hangin’ Around”)   Even though I’m not a fan of country music, this has just enough of it within to not turn me off and so with the mix of the other bands that I really do enjoy (Counting Crows are amongst my favorites of all-time) this album comes as quite a pleasant surprise.

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