Monday, August 20, 2012

CD REVIEW: Michael McDermott “Hit Me Back”

Michael McDermottHit Me Back
                This guy has sort of a Tom Petty sound to him, which isn’t that bad, but the first song has lyrics to the extent of “I hit the bottle so hard it hit me back”—though, of course, that’s a direct quote from the band Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine, who I heard sing that some odd years ago (At least ten) and so it’s kind of hard to get into any type of music singing similar lyrics.   
                I can’t say whether or not anyone else will like or dislike this- you’ll probably dislike it unless you go for some serious Tom Petty love (And, I mean, serious, because I love Tom Petty but have no real interest in listening to this anymore) or just happen to be related to him.

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