Monday, July 9, 2012

LABEL REVIEW: Handsome Lady Records

Handsome Valentine EP
                All five of these songs are by Sam Shelton and Will Knox.   They have that folk singer/songwriter thing going on that you should be a fan of by now.   If you’re not, maybe these songs can win you over.

Handsome Lady Records – Singles Club
                Two of these songs belong to Katie Costello while Casey Shea, Will Knox, Rebecca Havland, Kyle James Hauser and Jake Hill get one each.   Another good offering of free music from Handsome Lady Records and honestly, if I don’t hear some more music by any of these people soon I’m going to explode.

                                                                                    Handsome Lady Records Club Volume 1
                In short, these nine songs feature at least one of or a combination of the following five people: Jake Hill, Alec Gross, Will Knox, Will Hensley and Clayton Mathews.     The songs are acoustic guitars with a folk sound that kind of has banjo undertones to it.     I wouldn’t say that it borders on country, but more like what you’d hear Kermit the Frog playing in his swamp.    Now let’s see how many of these guys we can get together to cover “The Rainbow Connection”.

Handsome Lady Records Club Volume 2
                Nine more songs from Handsome Lady, only this time we have new musicians that make up these songs: Jason Myles Goss, Bryan Dunn and John Schmitt.   Only Will Knox returns in a supporting capacity.    This compilation takes on a definite pattern as each of the three names listed gets a song, andthen this pattern repeats twice more to make up the nine songs. 
                Jason Myles Goss has more of a Jack Johnson sound than the acoustic folk that the other two sound like, and was so apparent on Volume 1 as well.
                Another solid release from Handsome Lady Records.

Handsome Lady Records Volume 3
                On Volume 3, Warren Malone and Sydney Wayser get the most out of these nine songs, as they each take three.   Shwa gets two songs (One featuring Alec Gross and Will Knox) and Jon Solo picks up one to round out the nine.
                This could simply be considered more of the same, but Warren Malone just has such a fantastic voice.

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