Monday, July 9, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Whenthesunhits 200000 Gazes Volume Two

Whenthesunhits 200000 Gazes Volume Two
1)      Sway – Crazy electro backing with some soft, sweet vocals.  I like it because it seems to mix this eloquent beauty of the vocals with this chaos of noise that accompanies them musically.
2)      Endian – It’s not that different from other modern bands that sound like what I like to refer to as Breakfast Club bands, but it has this heartbeat type drumbeat in the background that definitely sucks me in.
3)      Dodecahedron – This kicks into a sort of rock sound, but at first it really sounds like Madonna.
4)      Jesper Lundager – Kind of Flaming Lips-ish ala Yoshimi era.
5)      Dead Horse One – I hear The Beatles in here.
6)      Elemental Gaze – This band is so shoegaze (How shoegaze are they?) This band is so shoegaze that they have gaze in their name!
7)      The Phantom Light – It’s like Evanescence without the numetal.   Or Shana Falana.
8)      Thisquietarmy – I really like this band name and the drumbeat I hear in this song.
9)      Starblood *also on first one
10)   Of Silence and Sound – This has that distorted guitar that for some reason always reminds me of a hand crank (Don’t ask me why) like you’d hear on “Smells Like Children” era Marilyn Manson.   Very little of this sounds like Marilyn Manson otherwise, but rather sort of borders on Smashing Pumpkins.
11)   Mirror Mirror – Another Breakfast Club sounding band that I dig.
12)   Stellarium – THIS. IS. CRAZY.
13)   I, Noiseferatu – Kind of like how I described Of Silence and Sound, but still a good song nonetheless.
14)   Ludwyg - This reminds me of The Consolation Project mixed with bloody knives.  (Yay, my first shoegaze to shoegaze comparison!)
15)   The Underground Youth – A slower, Velvent Underground type of song.
16)   Brideberger – Ambient and distorted noise at its best.
17)   Quiet Lights – I feel like I’ve heard this band name before.   It’s kind of like the female version of Smashing Pumpkins, which I also feel like I’ve written before.  I need to look into all that.
18)   Starfire Connective Sound – Like most shoegaze only without vox.
19)   HCMJ – I’m guessing this stands for “Hardcore Music Junkie”?  It’s a guess, but you can certainly correct me if I’m wrong.
20)   Music for Headphones *also on first one
21)   The Microdance – This is pretty fun, upbeat kind of stuff that you can dance to- hence the name.   Yeah, I’ll be looking more into this band for sure.
22)   Transmission – Male and female vocals in a Death Cab for Cute sort of way.
23)   Depth & Current – That Lou Reed vox sound with the music from either Trainspotting or The Breakfast Club.

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