Monday, July 9, 2012

CD REVIEW: Suit of Light “Shine on Forever”

Suit of LightShine on Forever
                Back in the day when bands like Midtown and The Stryder ruled my musical world, there were always these seemingly obligatory slow songs on their albums.    This has been a common place in most rock music in fact, as it is often referred to as the ballad.   
                The difference between most all other music and this Suit of Light album is that all of these songs are ballads.   Their overall quality of sleepiness tends to run together on me, so much so that I have not only trouble distinguishing one song from the next but also where one song stops and the next begins.   On more than one instance when listening to these songs, I would wonder if something was wrong with the song order as my thought was a blatant “Didn’t I just hear this song?”
                This is apparently the solo project of some guy who happens to be accompanied by someone from Mr. Bungle, someone from Thursday and someone from Streetlight Manifesto.   You can look up their exact names if you really care that much, but this album may only sell on the laurels of those other band’s names.  
                On a side note: I simply cannot imagine hearing this band live without any prior knowledge of their music.   They could do a twenty minute set and I’d think it was just one long song with some random pauses.
                If you can listen to this all the way through without either getting bored or falling asleep, then you are a better music listener than I am.    And for the record, lullabies of any type do not put me to sleep by a long shot.

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