Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CD REVIEW: Fang Island “Major“

Fang IslandMajor
                Describing the music of Fang Island- for me- is like going to a classical concert and trying to write about what I just saw.   I am not classically trained in music and know very little about it (Although I can read music)    The songs of Fang Island are piano driven rock that doesn’t come off quite sounding like Billy Joel or Elton John because the piano is just much more intense and also instead of that sort of bar feel you think of when you hear piano, it’s got much more of a classical sound to it, such as you might hear some great composer playing with all their might.   (Yes, I did see the Amadeus movie as a kid)
                That isn’t to say that this is just piano, as other traditional rock instruments come into play such as guitar and drums, but yeah, this is a lot of piano and considering that’s something I don’t hear a lot of these days (Not in this way or capacity) I am definitely enjoying the way this music stands out from the rest.
                The first song is called “Kindergarten” and it’s about how everything he knows he learned in kindergarten, as the saying goes.   This makes me somewhat sad because I don’t feel like my mind ever stopped learning and to think of you as no longer learning after such a young age… Yeah, I’m probably reading this too literally, but I do like the song and it has this anathematic climb to it that you just have to hear. 
                If nothing else, these songs are a lot of fun without being all bubblegum pop.   It’s kind of like how I felt the first time I heard The Rocket Summer only I don’t even think Fang Island is quite as poppy as The Rocket Summer.   There really is no band for me to compare this to, which just makes it all that much better in my ears. 

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