Monday, July 9, 2012

CD REVIEW: Dr. John “Locked Down”

Dr. JohnLocked Down
                This is some great, funky rock n roll that is basically leftover from the 1970’s but still very much works on a modern level today.   I recently saw a picture of Dr. John and George Clinton and thought it was perfect because they both have that same quality.   There is also a certain level of Tom Waits in certain songs, and he has that same quality.
                The only thing that I think is really important as to what you need to know about Dr. John exactly is that my favorite Muppet- for quite a while now- has been Dr. Teeth, the leader of the band the Electric Mayhem.    Well, when I found out that Dr. Teeth was actually based on Dr. John, I said “Who is this guy?” and listened to everything I could by him.   This is his newest release, with some musical help from the members of The Black Keys, and if you’re not rocking this I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  
                I will listen to nothing but Dr. John whenever I am in New Orleans.
                If you’ve never read a review by me before, or at least not the right one, you won’t be aware of just how much I don’t really like The Black Keys.   But their pseudo-indie-rock-cool being on this album in no way makes me dislike it.   Every song is perfect and someone needs to declare Dr. John a national treasure.   

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