Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CD REVIEW: Animal Parts “s/t”

Animal Parts “s/t”
                I just listened to six minutes or so of this first song and I’m wondering whether or not this is a Christian band.   Some of the lyrics make me think it’s pretty obvious, but you never know.   Regardless, the first song has these drop D tuning power chords like Creed, though it doesn’t really sound like them otherwise.   The second song is more on the country side, and after that it turns into what you would think of when you heard typical Christian music.    “King of Kings” (See the God reference there) wants to be the Replacements and the song after it wants to be Johnny Cash.   It goes on like this.   It’s not a pretty sight.
                Look, these songs aren’t that bad for their musical quality.   The overall album sounds like a mixed tape I might have made back when I was on tour with Creed (Don’t ask).   The lyrics really get me though.   You know how people have a separation of church and state?   Well, I want a separation of church and music, which is a steadfast rule that I rarely break for any band.   (However mewithoutYou just rocks, so I don’t care if their lyrics sing about the almighty Jeebus)  
                I’m not a “non-believer” or anything like that, but so-called Christian music has just always hit me the same way that Christmas music has—I have no desire to hear either.  Maybe it’s because I went to Catholic school until I was fourteen.   I don’t know, but if you want to sit down and have a conversation about your beliefs, fine.   If you want me to read a book about why you do or don’t believe in God, if I have the time I just might.   But keep this type of stuff out of music.  Thanks.

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