Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Zeale RapZ "Haterz & Robotz"

Zeale RapZ "Haterz & Robotz"
                 “I’m not really that average, dude”
                When I first heard these songs- my first full listen to Zeale RapZ- I thought he had these great beats and sometimes he sounded like Ludacris with the way he flowed so fast.    After listening to all of the songs, however, I came to find that he also can do this sort of hip hop funk/soul thing that reminds me of Outkast.     I also pick up a lot of little hints in the lyrics.
                For example, in “The Proposal” he says “me without you” a lot, which I wonder is that intentionally a tribute to the sort of hardcore band of the same name.
                “No One” could be a tribute to the late professional wrestler Chris Kanyon, but I doubt it.
                In “Action Jackson” he spits over Michael Jackson’s “Annie Are You Okay” song that sounds more like the Alien Ant Farm guitar riff than the MJ version.  
                He also likes to talk about gremlins being fed after midnight, which is something I also heard about from my Uncle Sage.   
                This album is called Haterz and Robotz simply because they are polar opposites of each other.   No, really, they are.     Zeale may try to convince you that haters are roadblocks and that they’re programmed like robots, but the truth is that haters have very strong emotions- no matter how unjustified- whereas robots have no emotion.    If the robots start hating, well…  Then we are all in really, really big trouble.  
                In summary, anyone who can rap from Hendrix to Pryor in the same line is all right in my book.

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