Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: One-Eyed Doll “Monster”

One-Eyed Doll “Monster”
                This is the first One Eyed Doll album that I listened to and I’m glad for that.    The first song is called “We’re One-Eyed Doll” and it’s basically that being sung over and over with select other words describing the band.   It’s kind of the perfect intro to a band that you’ve never heard of before.     It also should be noted that I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days, just singing “We’re One-Eyed Doll… Not Two-Eyed Doll… Andthatisthenameofourband” over and over again.
We then kick into eleven more songs that are somewhere between early Marilyn Manson (before he got all popular and sold out) only with female vocals that could be compared to a slight few but hopefully you will grow to know only as Kimberly Freeman.   Some examples of female vocalists this could be compared to include but are in no way limited to: The Cranberries and Evanescence.
                The lyrics are also what help to make these songs so enjoyable.   They’re little stories about things which seem like every day problems for perhaps a serial killer or just someone who has a darker sense of humor.    It definitely has a sheer entertainment quality to it in the lyrics, but I would also say you get your time’s worth listening to these songs just to hear the giggle in “My Friend”.
                Combine these sort of clever lyrics about dead bodies and things of that nature with the distorted guitar riffs of what Marilyn Manson sounded like in his finest hour and you’ve pretty much summed up my new favorite band—One-Eyed Doll.    It is a singer with a guitar and a drummer (As they first song tells me) but it is beautiful.   This album has definitely made me a huge, huge fan of One-Eyed Doll.

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