Thursday, May 24, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Workingirls “texas-bitch”

                First off, I will admit that I expected this to be an all girl band sound.   You know, something like The Donnas or Hole, only worse.   Yeah, I don’t know how they got their name but these vocals are not female and this music is not awful.
                The sounds of the music itself can come off like Marilyn Manson without the shock, David Bowie, Garrison and The Lot Six.   It has a sound at times that could be described as one of those recent bands with “The” in front of their name or maybe just a better version of The Vines or Jet.  
                My only complaint with the lyrics is that in the song “Panic High” he opens with turning 28 years old today, and really, you can’t do that every time you hear the song, right?  You only turn 28 once.  Unless you’re Joan Rivers.
                Oh and the vocals.   They sound distorted or like they’re coming through a fan or something.   I thought that after a while the novelty would wear off and I’d get sick of them doing that trick (Or maybe just a shoddy mic?) but I managed to get through it without being turned off by it.
                Ultimately, this also just has a consistent beat that you can really move to when listening.    I think Workingirls are definitely a band you need to watch.   Go download these songs for free and you’ll agree.

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