Thursday, May 24, 2012

CD REVIEW: Roxy Music “Avalon”

Roxy Music “Avalon”
When I first pressed play on the Roxy Music album “Avalon” I immediately jumped back to the time of Flock of Seagulls and other bands along those lines that perhaps you would expect to hear on The Wedding Singer soundtrack.
Curiosity got the better of me, so I simply looked at the back of the case and saw that this was in fact released back in 1982.    So much about the sound stood explained after that.    Here is a piece of music that is thirty years old.   That’s older than most of the people I know!  (Okay, so maybe I’ve never actually done an age poll and calculated an average, but it sounds about right to me)
I wondered as a thirty year old piece of music that I never knew about before this day (In my research I found that Bill Murray sang one of these songs in the movie Lost in Translation, which is far from my favorite movie so that explains that) how it would stand the test of time listening to it now and trying to hold it up there with other bands from my youth that I still enjoy.   (Billy Idol will always rule!)
It definitely has a distinct 1980’s sound to it that is inescapable, yet you could see where more modern bands like The Bravery (Are those guys still around?) and The Killers draw their influence from. 
This is definitely something that I feel can still be relevant and an important piece of musical history even thirty years later.

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