Thursday, May 24, 2012

CD REVIEW: Dallas “Over the Edge” EP

Dallas “Over the Edge” EP
                As soon as this five song EP begins I hear the Bon Jovi coming through.   I wonder if maybe I have made some sort of mistake.  Is this a reissue?  Was this originally released in 1989?  I check my facts and realize that this is in fact a 2012 release and I have not gone back to the future.
                While the first song even has a chorus full of “whoa-oh’s” like something straight out of “Living On a Prayer”, the second song equally sounds like it could be “Wanted Dead or Alive”.    Luckily as we approach our third song, “Open Your Heart”, I hear a bit more Bryan Adams than Bon Jovi.    The overall Bon Jovi feel still stays on the remaining songs, but other great rockers channeled include Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and Van Halen (any era).   
                Hearing these songs just makes me think of the soundtrack to a modern movie like “Hot Rod” or particularly movies in the appropriate time frame such as “Top Gun”.    It’s good for what it is- I mean, the style of it and all is nailed- but I wasn’t really a huge fan of it twenty years ago so I’m even less of a fan now.

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