Monday, June 18, 2018

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What is time?  What is SNARLY?  At first, I have this punk rock feeling and it has that mixture of Buck Wild (google them, trust me) and Twisted Sister but the more you listen to these songs the more they just come out in a punk rock manner like Pennywise or Guttermouth.    I can't find this as a cassette anywhere so you might have to do some digging (or emailing) to purchase it as such, but this was originally posted to the SNARLY Bandcamp page in 2015.   That's wild.   I hadn't heard it before so props to Crass Lips Records for bringing it to my attention and hopefully the attention of others.

Of these nine songs, two of them are covers- one by GWAR and one by The Trashmen.   The audio samples on here are also noted on the Bandcamp page.   I particularly like "Obviously the human race is in love with self destruction", which was made by GWAR to Joan Rivers and that's just a scene I'm sure you could look for on YouTube but just seems all too surreal to me. 

A lot of these songs are what they say in the title.   "You Don't Wanna Eat Lunch With Me", for example, is pretty straight forward and, yes, the lyrics not only have the title in the chorus but they explain why you should not eat lunch with SNARLY (I mean, I assume this applies to everyone in the band and not just whoever wrote the lyrics)   And yet "I Saw Evil" gives us one of my favorite punk rock lines in "Don't wanna go to jail / already in hell" which has a Bad Religion feel to it.

When I was a kid I discovered what punk was from a classmate but I feel like this SNARLY cassette is one you'd keep hidden under your bed and someone would find it for the first time and it would completely change their world.   Even as old as I am, I can still appreciate this side of punk rock and I think everyone should be able to do the same, really, but if you need to hide this from the kids until you feel like they're old enough I understand.

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