Friday, June 8, 2018

Cassette Review // PSYCHOPOP
"The Devil's Drums and the Angelic Electronics"

$10 //
Edition of 70 // //

Dark guitar riffs bring out drumming and this comes out hard and swinging right away.    The guitar tones change and it feels like a bomb is about to go off.     There is a darkness now and loud crashes come through as well.   It's eerie and you feel like you're lost and maybe out on a stormy night with only the swaying of the trees surrounding you as the thunder strikes down and you fear for your life.     Grinding and winding, the beats bring about synth lasers as the entire room pulsates with the rhythm.    This is a march but it is also a very specific kind of march-- one you want to be on the right side of, if you know what I mean.   It's odd how this final track on Side A seems to still rain down like a storm though.

On the flip side there are more like bass notes starting things off and then these psychedelic cymbal crashes which make this feel like a carnival ride.   But yet, somehow these bass tones can also feel like we're in some sort of future western.   Imagine the world has gone to shit and it's a post apocalyptic western.   I feel like in some ways the world could revert to that again one day because why not.   Nothing seems to surprise me anymore, really.   This song is somewhere between "Walking Tall" and John Constantine.   Haunted feeling synth and whirrs come through next to confirm my belief of this being in another realm.    It begins to shake and then fade out in a laser-like way.

Beats now make for a lot of racket but in the best possible way.   The rhythms behind it feel like punk rock guitars.    There is a deeper sense of darkness to this all now, something like Nine Inch Nails but not quite the same.   It almost has these organ tones in it as well, which just seem to add to the madness.   It all kind of fades away but it leaves you perhaps with more questions than answers.   Is this electronica?  Is it hip hop?  Is it some kind of rock we've not fully come to understand yet?   I think that's the beauty of PSYCHOPOP-- not really knowing how to define the music but knowing that it crosses all sorts of genres even without using them.   You know, people sometimes have to play certain instruments for you to want to put them into a specific genre but that isn't the case here.

When I first heard PSYCHOPOP back in 2013 I didn't know what that would mean for the shape of not only music to come but for me specifically.    "XIII" opened me up, at that time, to the world of I Had An Accident, which in turn brought out some of my favorite artists such as Walter Gross and Tenshun.    It's hard to believe it's been five years (and almost the entire time I've been doing Raised by Gypsies as well) when it feels like only yesterday.   Thinking back to PSYCHOPOP then and now is like watching my life flash before my eyes in a lot of ways.   This isn't just the type of music-- it's not just the type of songs that you listen to and go "Oh, wow, that's cool, I like how this sounds".  These are the songs which bring about memories and feelings when you hear them.   They become the soundtrack of your life.

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