Friday, June 8, 2018

Cassette Review //
"Dawn Avoids Me"

$5 // //

There is static at the start but I'm not sure if it is intentional.   Quiet ambient ringing comes in and out, softly behind it all.   It feels like the sunrise.   What feel like pianos come in now and we have a minimal FNL sound as this is starting to slowly build.     The sound becomes delicate and I feel like it's a music box in some way.   The static remains and so I'm also beginning to think that is supposed to be there.    I imagine that little ballerina on top of the music box, spinning around as this song plays.     It also somehow has this feeling of swimming.

Some sharpness comes through now as these tones shift from something more relaxing to something more piercing.    We still maintain this FNL quality somehow.   If the pace just picked up slightly at any second we'd be right into that theme song.    What I feel are guitar notes come through now as well and it has all the makings of the soundtrack to an indie movie, where the character has to face a tough reality, but there is also this warbly quality to it, as if it is being played through a record player which doesn't quite work right.  (Though, yes, I get that it could just as easily be the cassette or tape player)

These guitar notes (I think they're guitars) come out now by themselves and they start doing this shaking thing where they having that repeating measure to them like skipping stones across a pond.   It's not dark, per se, but it has this level of intensity that you can feel like it demands to be taken seriously while yet it has shifted back to that overall relaxing feeling from back when it first started.   Everything kind of shoots up into this one combined tone and then as if a rustling of papers only with sound it all comes to an end.

On the flip side we start with these trippy whirrs that bring out a kind of glow mixed with what sound like electric crickets chirping behind it all.    It feels as if the wind is whooshing around in the background as notes come through one at a time, so solemn and sincere.     In swirls around some, but maintains this slow paced feel of meditation where yet it can turn at any second into terror.    I feel like when I hear these types of sounds normally I am drifting through space, but with this cassette it seems as if it we might be up in the sky just not that high.

A skip as if the cassette was being paused and we go into the next track.   A quieter sound now, but it feels like rain emerging.   Maybe it's just because every time I listen to this cassette the weather outside is going back and forth from being bright and sunny to dark and cloudy.   I feel like music has a strong connection to the weather- don't you?  At least this cassette does, for me.   I imagine it would be a different experience listening to this outside when it's bright and sunny, even hot out, and you're walking around your neighborhood versus being inside while it's gloomy and raining.   So if you live in California versus Seattle even you might have a different experience listening to this cassette.

Soft pianos have slight static coming through in bursts behind them and this is just exactly what I feel like it would be to float through the clouds if man could fly as birds do and kind of put yourself on a cruise control speed.    As this begins to come through in a way which makes the speakers sort of shake I begin to feel the connection with Lost Trail.   Still, this has a certain sense of seriousness to it. 

      It is calm, but it is perhaps for a calm reflection, one which will help you come to realizations which you perhaps didn't know you needed to realize.   Whether you're walking around outside and want to make your surroundings feel as if they are in slow motion or simply shut off the outside world of sound and put this one on with earbuds, "Dawn Avoids Me" is a means of escape which you should take.

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