Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cassette Review: Meme Vivaldi "420 Deluxe" (Ingrown Records)

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https://ingrown.bandcamp.com/album/420-deluxe //

The funny thing about "420 Deluxe" is that it came out on 4/20.  I mean, it probably would've come out on 4/20 even if that happened to be a Sunday this year, but let's never forget the year where 4/20 was also a music release day.   Though, I'm still kind of weirded out that music comes out on Friday because I used to work at a record store and back then new music came out on Tuesdays still.

Static skips announce "Meme Vivaldi".   There are also these other weird vocals in here with the electronics.    Uplifting "ah"s come through in succession and tones appear to drop off.    The tones feel like magic, as if they are being played on clouds.    Electronic skramz, this is trippy and some serious string tones wave in and out.  There is talking which sounds like a cross between Wall-E and E.T. and there is a lot going on just within the first song even.

Wavy, ambient back and forth tones as if chanting can be heard as well.   This is truly mystical.   There is also a church music feel to this at times as well.    Sharp beeps lift us up.   And then a computer voice comes in to ask if you are happy, hence the title of the third track on here.   A higher pitched almost screeching loop develops now.    "You don't know me" is repeated by a computer voice.   Some drums kick in the background.  It has a nice rhythm to it.    Then it picks up into a nice tribal/electro feel.    This really makes me want to dance (I actually am, but shhh, don't tell anyone)

Church bell/wind chime tones come through briefly before this chanting.   It sounds like the voices are saying "In gay autumn you're" and then pianos come through with strings.   Ultimately, it breaks down into only the serious strings.   Heightened tones brings out more of a vaporwave feel now, as the synth pours through.  Banging and then the record scratching somehow feels like dogs barking.  A violin perhaps.   A harp.  A sax.   This is a lot of different possibilities for instruments here, all coming together to play.

Electronic whirrs open up Side B and create somewhat of a symphony.    The tones then shift into what sounds like something from space, but also maybe a video game.    Now what is this guy talking about?   I have no idea but it's getting freaky, like in a "Clockwork Orange" kind of way.   Have I listened to the original "420" by Meme Vivaldi?  Yes.  I've listened to most everything I can find by Meme Vivaldi-- even if only streaming through Bandcamp.  Writing about it all is another story and listening to this now with intentions to review it brings back so many memories somehow.

These electronics remind me of The Who now.   Church bells come in next.   It reminds me of modems and then comes through as a full on Transformers glitch.   Back to church type bells as we also feel more ambient, like we're floating through the sky into space.   Quieter sounds like birds, then louder space whirrs.   We then are taken into a loop which sounds like both an accordion and an old timey movie at the same time.   Bubbles now added in.   This takes us into dreamy chillwave.    This is a lot lighter, more minimal electronics feeling than Side A.

Loud barge-like horns bring out laughing both in a somewhat normal sense and then in a higher pitched way as well.   It's not easy to tell that this last track was recorded live and that is not a bad thing.   Of all the Meme Vivaldi albums out there, I'd say "420" is up among the best and to have this in its deluxe edition on cassette is one of those things you don't want to miss out on.

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