Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cassette Review: IVDR - label sampler (VERYDEEPRECORDS)

€10 //
Edition of 100 //
https://verydeeprec.bandcamp.com/album/ivdr-label-sampler //
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Right away this double cassette stands out to me because of the case.   How cool is it the way that these two cassettes load into here?   Most of the time, when you find a double cassette the cases seem to be stacked on each other- short and fat, while this one is tall and skinny.   It kind of just looks like a larger version of a normal cassette case as well, which also is a positive aspect of this release.  (Giant cassette!! But really two cassettes in one case)

Whenever I get cassettes that aren't in the typical case I don't know what to do with them because you can find the wall mounts to hold cassettes but when I get things like this which make me say "How am I going to store this yet display it?" I'm not sure of the answers, but it's a nice problem to have. 

When this cassette starts you'll hear electronics which have beats, starts and stops and even static skips.   There is a great deal of synth in here and not all of the songs are instrumental but some of them are.    The flip side starts with the date November 6th, 1983 and then it has these strings come into it though it doesn't really feel sad just somber. 

Perhaps has the opposite of the electronics we've heard before, the final song on the first of the two cassettes is called "Deserter" and is performed live by The Great Park.   It's this acoustic guitar and vocals feel, a folk song in a sense, but it also has this dark quality to it where a music video could fuel your nightmares.

On the second cassette- the flip side of the flip side if you will- there are just as many synth-fueled beats, singing, instrumentals and even a song which starts off with a quiet drone and builds to beats.   At times this feels really dark and at other times it can really just seem like instrumental hip hop.     There are artists on here you should know already such as Magic Meru and Red On but their addition to this cassette just makes it feel that much more special.

Sometimes I can feel as if listening to a compilation can be overwhelming.  I've said this many times and yet still seem to listen to a decent amount of them without problems, but still, two cassettes feels like it would be even more trouble for me.   But whatever VERYDEEPRECORDS sends me, I'm always really excited to hear it.  I've listened to these two cassettes a lot while out walking and even if you don't walk you must find the time to hear all of this.

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