Friday, April 6, 2018

CD Review: Escape to Weird Mountain Vol. 1 (Forbidden Place Records)

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While I recognize a few of the artists on this CD- Bob Bucko Jr., Venereal Crush, Asteroid Anxiety and Crvx (who somehow all end up in a block together)- the fact that I recognize fewer than I don't is cool.   I think split cassettes are great ways to find new artists if you already know one of them, but that introduces you only to one new artist.   If you know four of the artists on "Escape to Weird Mountain Vol. 1" (like I do) then that gives you the chance to experience fourteen new artists you are likely to enjoy.

I've always struggled with reviewing compilations because I've found it difficult to do it any other way than spending a sentence or two about each artist and their song, which just seems tiresome.   When I listen to this CD though, the influences I hear coming out are vast but make for an impressive collection of songs.   From Helmet to Beck, Rush to Blue October, Flipper to Motorhead, this CD spans some related genres but still has diversity.   The first few songs are heavier- in a hardcore punk way, but then Tony J. Willis brings out the new wave/post punk feel.

CRVX is electronic looping with drum machines and yet Venereal Crush is so desolate and isolated.    Fun Fact: The longest song on here is close to twelve minutes while the shortest is just under two.   Expect those five or six minute metal songs but also those two or three minute faster jams.   It's not that this compilation is all over the place-- it's more that it seems to cover all of the bases in this particular realm of music and, again, allowing for a near twelve minutes of Venereal Crush on here is worth it just for that (Not to in any way discredit the other artists one bit)

When I saw the title "Escape To Weird Mountain" I was expecting this to be... weird.   I don't think that all of the songs themselves are weird, per se, it's more like the grouping of them that some people might find weird but for me it's just another day of listening to music which spans various genres.   As this begins heavy, it ends heavy as well.  It starts with songs closer to hardcore but ends closer to metal and in between is just all sorts of sounds and feelings.   I also must admit this would be great to listen to while driving because it can make a seemingly long period of time go by rather quickly.

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