Friday, April 6, 2018

Cassette Review:
Danshoku Dino
"Harsh Noise Wrestling"

$5 //
Edition of 10 // //

Professional wrestling is an odd thing and sometimes I feel like trying to explain it to people is a lot like trying to explain the music I listen to in general.    There's this wrestler, an American, named Joey Ryan who has great strength in his penis and uses it against his opponents in his matches.   You really probably want to watch a video of it to see what I'm talking about but then again maybe you don't.   Danshoku Dino is the name of a very real and homosexual character in professional wrestling in Japan.   So, you take that penis flip I mentioned earlier and combine it with Danshoku Dino and you get the cover of this cassette and, yeah, it all sounds weird in an outsider perspective but when you're a fan and you're watching it, it means the world.  (I prefer Japanese wrestling over the American style and I am a huge fan of Joey Ryan.  I will @ him on Twitter for this review)

What sounds like some cross between sirens and screams comes out first.    This goes into some twisting and turning screeches.    It gets a little higher now and the feedback reminds me of "In Utero".    I'm waiting for it to say "Moderate rock" but instead it dips back into these shots of rage which sound like screaming.   Frequencies make me think of aliens and so far I feel like this has little to do with wrestling.   A large static sea is where we end up and there are these sort of sirens in the background now, going up and down, which also make me feel like they're being made by guitars for some reason.

This maintains a looping pattern- the squeals/screeches, sea of distortion and that overall feeling of being buried underneath something the way Kurt Cobain tried to hide away a lot of the songs on "In Utero" and yet it stands out to me from a lot of other harsh noise I have heard simply because this isn't that cranked up to ten feel where it's just in your face at the same level for the whole time.  There are moments where it dips down and then back up again, other sounds are in here so it's not fully drone and I just don't know how to describe it exactly because it is like getting blasted by a flamethrower on some levels but other aspects of it as well make it unique.

Sharpness begins Side B and it sounds like the soundtrack to a horror movie.   It has the feeling of damned souls being trapped in a pit of hell.   That harshness still prevails in a feedback way which makes me think of "In Utero"- a slowed down version of "Tourette's" perhaps, but you'd have to play it at a slower speed not actually take it and adjust the speed because then it would sound screwed and that's not what's going on here.  This is the type of thing nightmares are made of, you know, if you were scared of such things (but I love horror movies).

The harshness can waiver in and out, sometimes coming on stronger than other times and a lot of times even just feeling like a strong sense of verging on creating some sort of demonic vocals (At this point it does somewhat resemble "Anti-Christ Superstar" by Marilyn Manson)  Back in the '90's I was really into ECW and they had this slogan: "It's not for everyone".   I feel that way about noise a lot of the time, but the thing of it is, I was really into ECW and I'm really into exploring every option of music that I can and while I might not like them all (sorry country) I do enjoy music such as Danshoku Dino.   Well, and the wrestler too.

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