Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cassette Review:
(Eternal Bleep Bloop)

https://magnetizer.bandcamp.com/album/plug-into-power-abyssian-town-morpheus //

The second of three cassettes available from Magnetizer in a group, this will perhaps prove to be the most interesting as it can have a comparison made with "Plug Into Power" (which came before it) and sort of sets the tone for the third and final cassette in this trilogy.   In many ways, this cassette will likely prove to be the glue which holds this set together and it might seem like a lot of pressure to put on one cassette but I think it can do it. 

Right away this cassette sounds more like a video game or touchtone phone and it has distinguished itself from "Plug Into Power" that quickly.   Bass beats drop as this has a moderate pace and feels somewhat alien.    "And I won't take that away from her".    Darker, winding synths with beats now.  A more frantic electronic sound with words mixed in behind it.    Smoother beats come through but still have a video game sound to them.     Bass notes sound more like Pong now with these other tones in the background- a short ringing sense of them- and this has a nice rhythm to it. 

A faster paced pinball feel comes out next and this has just become quite exciting and fun.   Things slow down a little bit as we reach glowing tones and for the first time I feel like this music could be underwater for some reason.   More of a dance number comes out next but now I'm just imagining it as being underwater for some reason and this would make a sexy music video.    This number just keeps us dancing until the end of Side A.

Darker beats and grinding tones kick things off on the flip side.   It has a bit of an industrial feel to it.    Pleasant tones come out next and we're back into this just feeling like a lot of fun.    It feels like a virtual game of volleyball somehow.    Also I'm feeling some jungle vibes.    But these keys definitely make it feel like a video game.    This fades out as heavier beats come through next.   Cymbal crashes and funky synth like Michael Jackson.     There is also this dub vibe as I think it's going to open up some reggae or maybe I just watched the movie "Bad Boys" the other night.

Ambient sounds of "Knight Rider" mixed with the space of something alien- complete with distorted laser shots fired- and then there are video game sounds as well, almost like when Mario shoots out fireballs underwater.   It keeps on driving though like Yves Malone.    Chill now with triangle dings every so often, there comes this clicking pace as well.   This sort of fades out into this sea of tranquility which is not only a nice way to end this side of the cassette but the cassette in general as it just makes for this peaceful vibe overall and everyone needs more peace in their life.

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