Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cassette Review:
"Watch Out"

When it comes to cassettes, what I don't know I google.   I know that this cassette was sent to me from Ear Rot Records with the Awkward Geisha "Blue Elephant" cassette.  I also know that Ear Rot released a cassette from Foster but not "Watch Out".   Whether you try and search for this on Bandcamp or just plain Google it's hard to find a result without Foster the People showing up and that's sad.   So I'm going to have to go ahead and pull out the old cliche of if you want to know how to get this cassette you'll have to contact Ear Rot because I'm not sure.

Even more interesting about this cassette is that it is a C20.   The first side has only one song on it, which is likely called "Watch Out" because they do sing that at some point.   It's hardcore in the same sort of way as Sick Of It All.  There are these great riffs and breakdowns.  It reminds me of something older on Revelation or Equal Vision, maybe even from the Skarhead days of Victory.   There are pieces of Bane in this as well and I do enjoy that.    For some reason, in a non-hardcore way this reminds me of the No Motiv song "So What".

I'm not going to time this song but it is the only song on this cassette.   Twenty minutes and less than half of them are used but, hey, it gets the job done right?   I still had to listen to all of Side B and the remainder of Side A when I was sure the music was over because I'm a professional.    I am, again, not sure how to go about getting this cassette and maybe if you order the same Awkward Geisha cassette I did (or a different cassette from Ear Rot) they'll send it to you too.  I don't know and I can't say that for certain but this is a good song and I enjoy the mystery behind it all.

  [Editor's Note: Also, in all fairness, it is the opening track on their EP on Ear Rot, which I just looked up, so that's a couple of questions answered.  Now should I dub the rest of these songs on this cassette to fill the dead air or not?]

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