Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Music Review: Stonerpop "Physical Business"


When I first began listening to "Physical Business" I fell in love with the musical aspect of it.    It has this distinct modern yet classic new wave sound to it that isn't easy to pull off in the present tense.  But then I started reading about the album and the people surrounding it.   There is this story that goes with this album- which I wasn't aware of until maybe the fifth or sixth time I listened to it- and I won't spoil it for you because if you want to know what it is I'm sure you can read about it in an interview with Stonerpop.    But now that I know about that story, in these lyrics, it is all that I can hear.

One thing I learned by listening to Stonerpop is that when I listen to music and try to find comparison points, I tend to find them in the past tense rather than the present.   I look at the "For Fans Of" type of recommendations for Stonerpop and most of them are artists who began releasing music in the 21st Century.   And while I can hear some of them in these songs, I tend to look back towards the past more, such as comparing this with someone such as Madonna.

I also want to talk about the name Stonerpop.   I don't get it.   There is this band called High Pop which is fuzzy bedroom/garage rock.  I would expect a name like Stonerpop to sound like that only maybe a little bit more trippy because it'd be, um, music for stoners.    I don't know what "pop music for stoners" would sound like exactly but I bet it's on Burger Records.   Still, Stonerpop is heavy on the synths, drum machines and beats.   This is chillwave but you can also get up and dance to it.

Perhaps the biggest take away from these songs is how they come through and make you feel but also their energy.   Have you ever been to a club where they play music with big beats and everyone looks like they're having so much fun feeding off of the energy?   What is it that The Eagles said: "Some dance to remember, some dance to forget"?  While I feel like people would listen to this type of music in a happy way, I feel the songs on "Physical Business" are filled with a bit more anguish and would be more likely something one would listen to in order to dance to forget. 

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