Monday, March 12, 2018

Cassette Review: (2 Dads 2 Sons Emoji) "Frotting" (Gay Hippie Vampire)

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I wasn't sure what the idea of (2 Dads 2 Sons Emoji) meant simply because I pictured one emoji, as a family, with the four people and I didn't think that was a real emoji, though if it isn't it totally should be.   The idea behind the name more realistically though is actually *four* emojis rather than just the one group shot I was thinking of and I suppose that makes more sense.    I'm just waiting for all artist names to become emojis and not letters or numbers- especially actors.  (Sorry, I'm typing this on my laptop so I can't give you any cool emojis to show you what I mean) [Editor's Note: My iPhone is old and refuses to update but there is an actual group photo of four people so this artist name is in fact one emoji and not four. Ugh.  Emojis have failed me again]

"Frotting" begins with distorted type of beats but they might just be bass notes even.  They leave a lingering sound after they're gone but also form patterns and additional sounds join them in the background as well.   It's an interesting combination of harsh noise and electronic glitch to start things off on this cassette for sure.    This sound forms until it begins to seemingly capture everything in its path, an electronic car wash of sorts if how it could be described.    Screechy modems are found in the background of here now and for some reason this just seems to remind me of a blizzard.

With these modem sounds and this otherwise strong bass coming through with it all, this just drones as if it's something which is being fed to you at maximum volume.    As the first track fades and ends, we are taken into this somewhat hollow static which comes through in a skipping manner with a heartbeat type pulsating behind it.    It certainly feels as if this could be someone's distorted means of being on life support and then it almost sounds as if someone is doing some demonic talking through the static.   Feedback which sounds like a lightbulb comes out briefly next.

As it sounds like something is crashing or breaking there are also these howls or growls coming through as well which just makes for an overall interesting rhythm, again an example of using non-traditional means to make a traditional sound.   I've always found such things fascinating and often wanted to drum on things that were not drums but, yes, this type of music runs even deeper than that and so have my thoughts in the past (Which it feels like others also shared and now they are acting on them for me)

On the flip side this hollow type of static whooshes us into some place dark.    There is a decent amount of tapping, banging and voices which sound like they are speaking in fragments and chants but not full words.   Water can also be heard rushing unless this has something to do with space.    As it goes on it begins to slow, get a little less loud and just become these sort of wavy clouds of static bursts coming through in loops.    Static like rainfall makes way for these giant gongs ala church bells.   It's quiet the scene of quiet and destruction at the same time.    This bit of static remains even in the quiet moments in between blasts, but you have to realize that is made helpful by the hiss of the cassette.

You could imagine the static as the wind, the gongs as the thunder and this is just the middle of some terrible storm, but that's entirely up to you because the skies outside are blue and I'm thinking this is something more personal, a demon being fought perhaps.   This does seem to go on for a while (not battle is won easily) before the final shots seem to be blasted into space and the hero has obtained the victory whilst whatever was being fought has finally been put to rest.

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