Thursday, March 22, 2018

Music Review: Gwenno "Le Kov" (Heavenly Recordings)

If you still think that you need to understand the language in which music is being sung than you do not understand music.    "Le Kov" is the second album from Gwenno and while the first album was in English this one is not.   So, in some ways it is a first but also a second.   I suppose it is a matter of perspective.

The music on "Le Kov" is pleasant and upbeat.   At times it can sound like jazz and at other times it can feel like something from a coffee shop.   It has pianos sometimes and at other times there is an electronic synth feeling, so it really does go from one side of the world to the other.    Overall, musically though, I would say this is pop simply because of the mass appeal it should have.   It does not feel overly threatening and yet at the same time it isn't that overly pop type that annoys me (I always go back to that crazy frog when I think of this)

In terms of comparisons there are few to be made.   Austra?  Kimbra?  "Daromres y n Howl" is full of stone cold grooves while the opening to "Hunros" makes me think we're about to venture into TLC's "No Scrubs".   The final song, "Koweth Ker", breaks down into a lot of horns and it just leaves me feeling like this is also something which would appeal to fans of that certain style of rock like Death Cab For Cutie.   Though, overall, if I had to name one influence I could compare this with most I'd say "Odelay" era Beck.

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