Thursday, March 22, 2018

CD Review: Death Index "Death Index" (Deathwish Inc.) [Deathwish Inc. 10/$10 #04]

Copy & Paste Intro: One thing we at Raised by Gypsies love is a good deal.   Deathwish Inc. offered up ten compact discs for ten dollars and I could't help but jump on it.   I have received promos from Deathwish Inc. in the past, but between moving and just life in general I'm not sure how many I still have- the only CD I can tell you I still have for certain is by The Dedication.   So take a trip with me, shall you, as I explore ten compact discs for ten dollars.

The music of Death Index comes blaring out of my speakers as soon as I press play on this CD.   A distorted sounding Misfits, dark punk could be a way to describe this.   It could be somewhat post punk, while marching drums and killer guitar riffs cut through the noise.    There is an energy to this and it reminds me of some kind of strange combination of TSOL, Stone Temple Pilots ("Tiny Music" era) and even The Kinks.   This could be Elvis Presley with some sort of modern distortion added in to make it much louder and more closely related to punk.

For a band that hits as hard as it does quickly, it is difficult to write a lot about this.   It seems to come and go within the blink of an eye.  My favorite song is "Lost Bodies" which has this slower, electronic drone sound to it.   It becomes trippy like The Doors or that one Bush song from "The Crow" soundtrack.  "No, I won't leave you here" is sung while there is also talking, drum machines, static and overall just that drone sense.   While it is not the most straight forward of the songs, it does feel as if it could be the heaviest in other ways.

This whole album comes to a close with a lot of distorted destruction which is more instrumental than with words.    I looked up Death Index on Discogs (And I highly recommend *not* doing a google search for "death index") and it appears as if this was their last release which is from 2016 and so I don't think they're still making music.   It's kind of sad in a way, but that's how life goes and if nothing else this album should remind you of just how fleeting life can be. 

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