Saturday, March 24, 2018

CD Review: Rise And Fall "Faith" (Deathwish Inc.) [Deathwish Inc. 10/$10 #06]

Copy & Paste Intro: One thing we at Raised by Gypsies love is a good deal.   Deathwish Inc. offered up ten compact discs for ten dollars and I could't help but jump on it.   I have received promos from Deathwish Inc. in the past, but between moving and just life in general I'm not sure how many I still have- the only CD I can tell you I still have for certain is by The Dedication.   So take a trip with me, shall you, as I explore ten compact discs for ten dollars.

One of the misfortunes from me listening to most of my hardcore music in the early '00's is that as I don't listen to as much now it becomes more difficult for me to find bands to compare with someone such as Rise And Fall.  It makes me sad in a way.  I used to drive hours to see bands few people ever heard of before and probably wouldn't remember by name right now.   From Ferretstyle to Century Media to Solid State to Bridge 9, I used to be about the hardcore life through and through and now all I can think of to describe "Faith" is: "It's heavy".

Sometimes punk, sometimes metal these distorted songs come out like something I can't quite put my finger on but likely could have fifteen years ago.   Is it Haste?  Is it Today is the Day? Is it Scarlet?  It's probably some combination of them in some ways, yes.   But as "Faith" was released in 2012, I think of it a bit differently than all of that.    As per Discogs, Rise And Fall was formed in 2002, their first release being in 2004.   So I imagine them as starting out when I was listening to a lot of already established hardcore bands.   In a way, it's not so much that they were playing shows with their influences in the early and mid-'00's, it's more like they were writing songs because they loved the bands that I loved.

Sure, many of the bands I loved even back in the late 1990's are still around and making music somehow so there is a chance Rise And Fall have played shows with them, but I do think of this more as a scenario where it's like "Hey, you know all those bands you listened to back when you were really into hardcore and you loved them all so much?  No, no, Equal Vision Records isn't going back to that style, *but* all of those bands can be found inside this one band on this one album called "Faith".

This is the newest release available on their Bandcamp page so I don't know whether or not Rise And Fall are still making music together but I randomly clicked o Cedric Goetgebuer's name on Discogs and it shows a band called Partisan with an album out in 2015 so I would have to say no but also with hardcore music a reunion could still be possible, right?  Still, much like I imagine Rise And Fall did whatever they could to hear the hardcore bands I loved growing up, which obviously influenced them a great deal, you should put a similar amount of effort (or more) into having this album in your collection because it feels like such an important piece of music linking punk, hardcore and metal.

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