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Cassette Review: Robert Hayes Kee "Someone is very interested in your life" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

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The idea that "Someone is very interested in your life" appeals to us all in some sense, doesn't it?   We all want to be seen as the stars of our own movies.   The problem is that some of us go through life as supporting actors to others in our lives and despite what they might otherwise lead you to believe-- we all cannot be stars of our own movies.  Don't believe me?  Have a kid.  You instantly become a supporting cast member and your kid takes over as the star (unless you suck as a parent, but hey, I'm not CPS or anything)

This cassette begins with this sharpness, some crashes but then also talking.   So much talking.   It seems like a conversation between two people.  First one of them says something about getting hurt.   It's as if the conversation is being recorded without their knowing though because it's kind of muted, set in the background.   "This thing's not going to last by the time we get it out there".   This conversation could be about any number of things but since I recently moved it makes me think of how I lived on the second floor and had things like bookcases which I knew weren't going to survive the move-- I wouldn't be able to get them down the stairs without them breaking down.

Loud crashes make me believe these two people are trying to take something from one place to another, perhaps in a moving manner.   There are these waves of air which could be described best by walking.  It kind of sounds like one of the two people have the recording device on them and the sounds you hear are the walking, which I imagine is taking whatever the item is from inside to outside.   I could be completely misreading the situation because of my circumstances but I feel like this first part of the cassette was about something being moved from inside a house to outside and into a moving truck.

Next up we get minimal with some words even further set in the background.   Hollow glass tones come through very briefly and in a pattern as if they are barely trying to escape.    I'm not sure now if this is a recording of someone talking in a field recording sense or if it is perhaps some other form of audio being dubbed over with this slight sharpness.   It could be some sort of existing audio of someone being dubbed over, as I think of all those cassettes I got for free at that truck stop that time where it's all sermons from the same church.  Someone let me cross the road today and then rolled down his window to tell me "God bless you".  I realized it was a church leader and could only think to tell him "Thanks you too" in response, which seems awkward looking back at it now.

These are almost whale sounds trying to come through over the human talking and it makes it interesting because you can kind of make out what seems to be a lecture of sorts and yet at the same time it isn't as clear as it could be and so it only can be dissected in bits and pieces (because of the other added sound).    I feel like this has a rather strong alien sound as well.   It makes me feel like something out of "The X-Files" for some reason.     The tones sort of resonate and fade out.   Someone can be heard talking about a coffee shop now and it's coming through much more clearly, like a phone conversation.   Then I hear another voice in the background and believe this to be a man with the recorder on him talking with someone else, I think a woman, who can barely be heard and might not know they are being recorded.

The flip side starts with a conversation that sounds like some sort of interview.  It's about how "they protested it once before so hopefully it won't go through again".   Then it turns into a value of land and eventually the woman (who I believe to be a pilot) says that they have about fifteen minutes left so it sounds like she's giving him flying lessons in some kind of plane.   She also asks the man at one point if he's okay and if he's going to "lose a cookie" to not do it on the mic because they are expensive.   The conversation comes through in between portions of static, which might be because they are in the air. 

I'm not sure whether or not they record such flying lessons for science or training purposes but I feel like they would.    "If we scheduled the flight a couple of hours earlier, you could've been on the channel nine news!"   Yeah, but if you crash, you'll both make the news.   Chatanooga chew-chew.    I am then now informed as to why I'm hearing the static and it makes sense but I'm still not sure why this is being recorded.   If the pilot talks to the control tower like in movies don't they record those conversations?  I don't know.  I don't know how anyone would get this audio but the pilot is talking about a farm though and wondering where the cows are.  ("I don't know where they keep the cows if they're not on the farm"  Considering she mentioned milk trucks, I'd say the cows are inside being milked)

As the pilot explains one of the mechanisms of the plane to the passenger he asks her what color it is and she says she doesn't know.   I feel safe.   Having your window open during a flight is the true origins of noise.    The way this conversation cuts in and out makes me feel like something bad is going to happen to the people we hear.   Sometimes their banter is unsufferable and I want something bad to happen to them, like that's the payoff to hearing this.   Then I think what if the artist knows these two people, what if this is how Robert Hayes Kee's parents met and it makes me feel badly for wishing harm upon them.    But then I also feel badly because I shouldn't think "Well, if the artist doesn't know them, fuck them I hope they die" even though I don't think that but it's somewhat close to it.

She really seems to enjoy talking to him about throwing up.   They're spiraling and she says it will get a little bumpy.  "Yesterday was beautiful".   They're laughing about motorcycles right now.  Who are these people?  She has a broken golf cart.  No one can fix it.   "I see around your headset you're starting to get a little bit wet".   This is slowly turning into the worst porno ever.   Now she's explaining more technical stuff to him, which I suppose is cool if I ever wanted to leave the ground.   This Bandcamp track needs lyrics.   "You put your stick and rutter in the center"  "Move... stop.  Move... stop"   This is overly sexual, right?  It's not just me.

Now we are informed it is Friday the 13th.   This feels doomed.   She's talking about trees.  When flying, trees are not your friend.    "How many wives and children do you have" "Well, I've got one wife..."   Fucking normie.    After some odd talk she says they have twenty minutes left but before I thought she said they had fifteen.   She says she's not allowed to get too close to the nuclear plants.   They're in Tennessee.    Please tell me this is The Hulk's origin story.    "Don't wanna flirt with death"-- then what's the point of listening to this whole thing?? 

As it comes to an abrupt end, the pilot is informing the passenger- the student- how she is more concerned with taking a picture of a passing by military jet than she is with reading up on the dangers of it.   Yeah.  I'm just going to assume they crashed and died.    The first half of this cassette was trying to figure out what the two people were doing.   The second half was the anticipation of how the story was going to end.   If you'll watch television or movies this is far more dramatic and worth your time as it couldn't possibly paint clearer pictures while leaving so many questions unanswered.

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