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Cassette Review: Darko the Super "Watered Down Demon Fuzz" (Personal Archives)

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How do you continue to write about the music of Darko the Super?  I tend to stop writing about artists after maybe two or three releases because anything other than "It's still good" or "They suck now" can seem like overkill, but if Darko the Super can put out albums at the rate he does and he can keep coming up with the words to rhyme and music to put them over, then why can't I come up with the words to write about them?   It seems only fair, really.

"Watered Down Demon Fuzz" begins with singing which reminds me of Daniel Johnston.   Pianos come in with the rapping and oddly there are even guitar chords in here so this isn't even your typical sound for a rapper to, um, rap over.     An audio clip says something about "SAYTON!!!!" (Hey, that rhymes with "Dayton", wassup Florida??) and my favorite quote so far is "When I die don't tell my mom / I don't want her sad when I'm gone".   Yeah, my mom never calls me so she'd likely not know.   Also, in the maternal sense the tip to his name is the line "No mail today, Grandma Death".   I always get sad when I don't get mail though (and gym membership flyers don't count as mail)

"Show's over, go fuck yourself" is about as straight to the point as you can get.   There are audio clips from Bill Hicks while Darko also quotes Billy Madison.    Darko doesn't have the same lyrics as anyone else and he doesn't have the same music style either, which is what makes him stand out when everyone else seems to be trying to rap to sound like what is already on the radio.    It feels stupid to me though to think if the sound of Kendrick Lamar got him onto the radio why would sounding like him get you on the radio too?   Everyone could learn something from Darko the Super about being original.

"The Earth Isn't Fucking Flat" is about how hard Darko works but is still broke and if the right people heard his music (or read his screenplay) he could be bigger and I'm inclined to agree.   I've always felt that the world was backwards- the more talent you had the less money you made and the more money you were making the less talent you had.  I call it "The Paris Hilton Effect".   But yeah, can you believe how far we've come with modern technology and all and people still living like Chris Columbus times, thinking the world is flat?  Seems quite ridiculous to me.

As I thought the first song sounded like Daniel Johnston a bit, Darko the Super name drops him on "I Don't Wanna Be".    I'm not trying to say this in a bad way, but I feel a lot of Daniel Johnston's songs (as much as I enjoy them) sound the same.   "Watered Down Demon Fuzz" is a phrase pulled from a poem by Beck and if you ask me, I think Darko the Super could be more closely related to Beck because you never really know what he's going to pull out from album to album.   Will Darko the Super ever have a jazz/R&B album or rock based album?  I wouldn't be surprised and that's one of the things you have to love about Darko the Super: never knowing what's coming next but just knowing it's going to be great.

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