Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cassette Review:
(Already Dead Tapes)

$5 //
Edition of 50 // //

One of the fun parts about having cassettes is taking them on the go with you.   The difference between a cassette and digital music though is my phone can get to this certain point where it is loud enough to drown everything else out- my Walkman cannot do the same.  So when I was listening to this at the laundromat, I don't always know whether the sounds are coming from the cassette or if it has quieted down a lot and then I begin to hear the washers and dryers.   In some ways, I suppose you could say by my listening to it in such a manner I created a remix.

"Popov" begins with someone saying "Here we go, here we go, play my track" and it sounds like we might be going into something hip hop based or just... not what follows.  It's a strange intro indeed but who am I to judge it?   This begins with a sound that is loud like a construction site.   It's kind of funny because I listened to this cassette for the first time while doing laundry and the time before that I did laundry they were working on the vents so without my listening to anything the laundromat sounded like a construction site.    Static and beeping as if a truck is backing up or maybe they use the beeping when they pour cement.

Siren-like whirrs bring out the sounds of helicopters and then there is a sharp feedback as well.   This is just loud.   It's great though because when I listen to it outside, around other people, it drowns out all of those other sounds.    A banging like on a large steel drum comes in next but this could also just as easily be someone pounding on something at the construction site-- hammering a steel beam or what have you.   I don't have an exact visual because I've not been around a lot of construction sites (and am too old for "Bob the Builder") but it has that feel to me.

Laser lightbulbs and frequencies come through next.   It grows quieter and sometimes minimal, even though right away it came out swinging.   There are these primal screams as well which sound like an animal but are likely being made by something articficial.   Did you ever notice how some objects such as an electric drill can make sounds like an animal?  It'd be weird if they ever met in the wild but there is likely a nature show about that.    A loud lightbulb buzz drones and then kind of flickers on and off to end Side A.

A quieter static skipping opens up Side B.   It's like it's slightly windy.   A sharpness turns into the revving up of a car engine or any engine I suppose if you want to maintain that construction site idea.   Squeals come through as someone says "Right over my head!".   It might be the same guy who started off the cassette but I have no idea.   Loud electronic noise brings out this scuffling, lasers and then the scuffling and lasers mixed together is how this one ends.

While this could be taken a number of different ways, my mind went to where it did which I find fits the music because it's not like I'm a construction worker so I'm thinking "Oh, this sounds like my job".   If my mind is going to the construction site with this one, it must be for a justified reason, yet at the same time, you could likely find your story to tell here.   I've also listened to this cassette while I've had a terrible migraine and I don't recommend that but it did make for one hell of an experience.

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