Monday, February 5, 2018

Music Review:
"Nylon Crimes"
(Signora Ward Records)

Following what can only be described as three not-jazz songs, MMM brings out a collection of songs which have been performed first by other artists.   As the Signora Ward Bandcamp will tell you, some of these songs stay more true to the original version than others, but I think this is a nice way to begin the new year and also if you're just getting into Signora Ward Records this will be a great way for you to listen to some of the original artists (IUGULA THOR, who I previously reviewed, has a song on here)

There are a lot of laser swirls mixed in with electronics.   The music on the whole can have an industrial/goth feel to it, yet at the same time it goes to a much darker place.    The words are spoken in anger and grinding is key here as well.   With a track like "KISS THE CARPET" the screaming becomes mixed in with these "Pulse" type vibes and then as we get into "CORPI DA REATO" it can get quieter, calmer with minimal tones.   For some reason, this really reminds me of a live Nine Inch Nails set and watching Trent Reznor smash a keyboard. 

In listening to this album and enjoying it in the sense that you will hopefully use it as a guide to go not only through the back catalog of Signora Ward but through the broader scope of music in general, it is also worth noting that it has made me appreciate MMM that much more.    So being able to introduce someone to music that isn't yours which they might not have heard before while also further bringing them in as a fan of your own music takes a great deal of talent.

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