Friday, February 2, 2018

Cassette Review:
Queeriod Bomb
"Genders in Space (super illegal demo tape)"
(Crass Lips Records)

While I would seemingly be excited to listen to more music by Period Bomb after the "PERMANENTLY WET" cassette, I've always had a strange relationship with music in the way that I don't always enjoy the follow up as much as the first, if you will.   It sometimes can take me time to get into an artist's "new album", but what's more so is that I'm hearing these a lot closer together than they actually came out so I feel like I'm missing some of that time to adjust in between.   But it's not like this is the early 00's and I'm listening to Coheed and Cambria, so here we go.

This cassette begins with loud, grinding guitars.   There is a certain rhythm to it, somewhere between punk and rock n roll.    Into the second song and the vocals come out blaring.   The only way to really describe the music at this point is driving over 100 mph on an open highway in some state like Mississippi with no cops, no other cars around and no reason to stop.    After this, we go into a song called "Worthless" which is just a mess.   It's got structure, but a certain non-structure as well.   It's a lot of screaming, but mostly in terror.   It's like the soundtrack to a haunted house if that haunted house was also punk rock.

A fuzzy punk rock attitude in the guitar riffs, these songs can make you want to get up and dance just as much as they feel like those violent flashes you see in a movie when someone is murdering someone else.    Metal undertones come with spoken words and it's just that this can be as brash and in your face in a fast paced, screaming setting as it can be slower and seemingly the calm before the storm.   "Why must girls suffer?"   Because men are idiots. 

It's funny.  I lived in Texas for a while and I was in a grocery store one day, in the toy aisle for reasons I would rather not disclose.   This older woman- probably in her 70's- comes into the aisle and explains to me how she can't find plastic cowboy and Indian toys like they used to make when she was a kid.   She wondered why.   She looked at me and asked me why.   I didn't know what to say to her.  I mean, obviously, there are as many issues with children playing "cowboys vs Indians" as there would be "slave and slave owner", but how do you explain that to this little old lady in H.E.B. I have no idea. 

Did you recently hear Donald Trump say that babies shouldn't be allowed to come out of the womb of a man or a woman after nine months?  I'm really beginning to think the guy is an alien and has no idea how humans work.    "U-F-OHawk" should be dedicated to his utter stupidity but, honestly, I don't think he's worth it (He's barely worth mentioning in a review because ten years from now when someone reads this I hope they have to scratch their head like "Donald who? Donald Duck?")

With these complex notes that fall somewhere between Dillinger Escape Plan and Primus, Queeriod Bomb manage to craft music that is trippy and could just as easily exist (and frighten squares) in the drug era of music centered around Woodstock.    That isn't to say it wouldn't be without its merits because much like people were revolting back then about various topics, Queeriod Bomb does seem to be fairly aware of women's rights and I wouldn't be the one to discuss why women get paid so much less than men because that is just a discussion which will end in anger.

But hey, you can dance your anger away by listening to this music.   Or you can use it to feel your need to punch the wall.  But I just wouldn't advise becoming a serial killer because of Queeriod Bomb though, of course, this would make a great soundtrack for it.    I don't have any second album regrets about this one and perhaps the most redeeming quality of it all is that regardless of what you take out of it, I feel like it's going to make you get up and do something other than stare at your iPhone.

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