Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cassette Review:
Count Dult
"Simulated Noise Comedian"
(Illegal Tapas)

When I pressed play on this cassette it took a while before anything would come on.   I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the cassette- I wasn't sure- but you always have to ride these things out.   You have to listen to it all the way through even if the entire thing ends up being blank.    That's part of reviewing music for me, I suppose.

Listening to Count Dult is like rediscovering an old friend.   The songs are fuzzy and in the largest commercial sense I can state they are somewhere between EFS and Nirvana.   It's garage rock mixed with bedroom pop.   At times, I can hear some Stone Temple Pilots, and as such it just has a sense of that era of rock about it (maybe not grunge, but closely related to it)   By the end of Side A it becomes faster paced, sloppy punk with screamy hardcore bits.   It could best be described at the end as noisy rock even.

Side B has these great big drums and as I look at the cassette itself and artwork I realize that Side B is in fact its own album.   The artist is called VV and the album is called "Don't Look At Me".    It's strange because I pulled this link from the Illegal Tapas site and it didn't mention anything about VV so I don't know if this will be the same Side B for you or not, but either way, here we go with what I got.

VV is screamy rock with elements of surf.   It's wild.   It can get dark like metal but for the most part it just stays angry and in your face.   It sounds cliche but I can hear elements of the song "Cherry Bomb" in here so I have to give them that seemingly mandatory Runaway shout out.  At the same time, this does remind me a bit of TSOL as well, which I never tire of hearing.   By the end it's asking about ghosts and then some electronics come out when the music seems to be over but before the cassette itself is through.

On its own merits, it is worth having this cassette just for Count Dult.   The songs are of that nature where they are best heard on cassette.   I didn't really search for Count Dult outside of the Illegal Tapas site so I don't know if there is a Bandcamp page where you can stream the songs (I prefer not to know) but there are these weird parts to the music where it can sound like a "normal" song but then it kind of gets broken up or warbly.   I think that is more about the cassette itself being dubbed over and all than the actual sound, but it just creates this sound you couldn't possibly get digitally.

Along with Count Dult, you're going to get something on the flip side when you have this cassette.   If it's lucky enough for you for it to be VV then it's definitely worth it in a buy one get one free sense.   Really though, this is just one of those cassettes that on its own, just as Count Dult, would be worth buying but getting VV or something else along with it just makes it that much better.

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