Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music Review: Tuvaband "Mess" (Brilliance Records)

The sound of Tuvaband is one which cannot be desribed with words.   The music itself has no real comparison and neither does the vocals.   The best comparison I can make overall is if you think of this as being some kind of cross between Delta Dart (How many of you remember them?) and Tori Amos, but I'm not even a huge fan of Tori Amos and I'm really enjoying these songs.

There is a beauty in these songs.   They are somewhat sad, somewhat dark, but there is a beauty in the way that they are able to express that sort of emotion regardless of what the subject matter of the lyrics-- it's more of a feeling than my take on the lyrics.    I might have used this term before but I will never be ashamed to use it because it describe something which I hold so very dear to myself: these are haunting harmonies.

If you only want to listen to one of these songs to get an idea of what Tuvaband is about, I suggest "Trees", as it is my favorite track of the six.   The comparisons of how we hurt too many trees and too many people really ring true in the year 2017.   I know this duo is not from the United States, but it seems like here in the good ol' USA we spend as much time cutting down trees without a thought as we do filling each other with bullets. 

But musically, "Trees" also shows you what Tuvaband is capable of within one song.  The reach of the tones and the genres just combine in a way unlike any I've heard before-- like I said, it cannot be described with mere words.    There are times when she sings in a sort of extra way, where it's not just the words she's singing but just these added notes as if her voice is also an instrument and, honestly, I'm slightly shamed to admit that I've never thought of it like that before: that the human voice can be just as much an instrument as a guitar.   If Tuvaband can show me such things, imagine what they can show you. 

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