Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Music Review: POLLENS "mister manufacture"

Music is a hell of a thing.   I listened to "mister manufacture" maybe ten times over and even the link saved for the previous POLLENS release "'83" because I was thinking about buying it on cassette.  Normally too, if I hear something digitally it has to kind of "win me over" but then seeing the cassette would make me feel like "Ok, I'm in".    For whatever reason though, I had these songs downloaded and after a number of listens I deleted them, decided in my mind not to go through with a review for some reason.

A short while later, POLLENS released a single called "bats, cats, etc." and the artwork for it looks like a j-card so naturally I opened the link when Bandcamp sent me the email.   I enjoyed the song and even though there seems to be no cassette for it or "mister manufacture" (yet?) I decided to give "mister manufacture" another go and I don't know why but now it's really stuck on me.

The songs of POLLENS have male and female vocals singing at the same time and in a sense, at times, it can feel very in your face.   I can understand if people might think it is either obnoxious or annoying.   But, underneath that all it is catchy, which I think is what you should take away from it most.    In a lot of ways POLLENS reminds me of The B-52s, who many would argue are also "annoying" or something of that nature but for me I've always also loved them.

In a more modern sense I'd place this with something like Deerhoof or something from that art/rock/trash phase I went through in the early '00s.   I can't remember all of the bands but if you look on Spotify for similar artists to Be Your Own Pet you'll likely find the home POLLENS could fit best in.   The thing is, I don't hear a lot of artists making music like this still and, well, that get-stuck-in-your-head quality really wins out over all else for me.

The songs seem to take on this stance lyrically where they have similar chorus structures, as each song seems to be trying to get across the same whether it is about who is quoting who, not believing in dinosaurs or simply riding the J-train it definitely stands out for that on one hand you could discuss creationism vs. evolution based on a song and then you could just as easily wonder about people riding the train.

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