Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CD Review: Meresha "Enter the Dreamland"

When the music of Meresha was first presented to me, I opened it to listen because it was described as "alien music".   Now, there are a lot of ways which something can sound like alien music, as it seems to be a fairly broad term, but the fact that it made me open this and then listen to it sparked what could go down in history as one of the best musicial friendships ever because I just appreciate this music so much.

The sounds of Meresha are electronic, synth based and at their core pleasing.   You can even dance to them.    This may sound a bit naive, but I often like to classify music as being electronic based on whether or not you can remix it.   Granted, you can remix anything I suppose, but no matter how killer the beat it might sound so hot behind something such as, say, Radiohead.   I do feel that these songs could come on in a club, especially if someone gives them an even more pumped up beat behind them
Through these five songs I would say that the idea to "Enter the Dreamland" is less like going to sleep and more like "Alice In Wonderland", going down the rabbithole if you will.    Elements of pop music but not in an overly annoying way (Because y'all know I don't listen to overly annoying pop), some R&B even comes out as by the time we hit the final song- "Lights Out"- it reminds me a bit of P!nk, who yes, I am a huge fan of for the record.

I feel like I spend a lot of time listening to and thinking about rock music.   Think about everything from The Beatles to Chuck Berry to Nirvana to whatever is the greatest current living rock band and then think of the thousands upon thousands of other bands and artists which have also made some form of rock music.   The combinations to craft your own sound seem endless.    I've never really thought about that before in the sense of pop music, which takes on some other genres as well (including rock)

If you've ever wanted to listen to an artist who makes prolific music which is distinct and can really only be attributed to them and not any sort of genre, then you need Meresha in your life.   No one looks at Cher, for example, and goes "Oh yeah, she's rock like a mix of blah blah and so and so".   They just say she sounds like Cher.   That's what the music of Meresha is.   Though if artists do begin to sound like Meresha (and you know it's coming), I think the genre she is defining should be called alien pop.   I like that name.

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