Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Music Review: Ghost Harmonics "Listening To The Long Shadows"

Somewhere out there, someone who is better than me at writing and putting ideas together has likely already formed this idea but I will state it none the less because I can.   When I first heard music labeled as "noise", I always thought of it as the notes in between pop music or traditional music any way.   You have to imagine there is this rest, this quiet in between the sound of rock n roll and perhaps that is where the ambient sounds come out.   In a way, but not entirely, it is like the fact that scanners read the white lines on a barcode and not the black.

Based on this title though, I began to imagine while listening to this what it might be like to hear the sounds of a shadow.    Granted, shadows don't actually make sounds, but at the same time, if you think of a band as having a shadow then this is a good idea of what that could sound like: a similiar structure but different inside.    I'm not sure why I never really thought of it like this before- that rather than being the inverse of traditional music it could be seen as a shadow of it, but thanks to Ghost Harmonics I now do.

This single track is nearly forty minutes long but it doesn't feel as such.   Mostly hollow, this ambient drone echoes throughout your speakers, likely to fill any room it is played in.    It is quiet.  It is minimal.   It falters only slightly, as if a calm day is interrupted by a cool breeze.     The tone of it generally tends to stay at peace, one of meditation, and yet at the same time it can equally be just as eerie, though I'd expect nothing less from an artist with "ghost" in their name.

It might a coincidence, though it might also not, but when I listen to instrumental music I tend to get songs with words stuck in my head.   I've decided recently to put those songs into the reviews just for a reference point and see if there is any connection.   I need a clever name for it so I can not have this paragraph before all of it and just put it at the end but while listening to this I did get the song "Bleeder" by Alkaline Trio circling around inside my head.   

By the end of this piece of music, which is neither really a song nor an album but rather somewhere in between, the sounds just sort of fade out.   There are a number of ways you can imagine this but based upon the shadow ideas already placed into my mind I just like to think of it as the sun has set and therefore a shadow is no longer being cast.

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