Friday, September 29, 2017

Cassette Review: Schweben "Schweben" (VERYDEEPRECORDS)

I'm constantly in the process of moving.   I have this desk though and it's something that I got for free and actually really enjoy for what it is.   I want to keep it when I move because it's simple and sturdy enough.    When I got this cassette from VDR they also sent along some stickers.   I put one of the stickers on this desk as a sort of sign that no matter what changes come in your life there will always be certain constants and for me, VDR is one of them.  (I also have an Illuminated Paths
sticker on the desk, among others, for the record)

This cassette begins with a longer piece of ambient drone.    This transitions into these back and forth piano keys in a looping fashion and it's actually rather relaxing like The Cancer Conspiracy.     The two styles seemingly combine and then we take a trip into an outerspace type of vibe.    This flows smoothly into psychedelic guitar notes you might have heard at Woodstock before those sort of alien signals come back to top it all off.    Frequencies and the like bring Side A to a close as it has taken us from a peaceful journey to space into something much more colorful and we have landed on our home planet.

On the flip side we have these electronic rhythms which make me feel like we're driving but also headed into space.   It makes me think of hicksoncompactgroup.     The songs then build with this pressure where it feels like it's about to burst.    It just grows with these notes being repeated while others come in and strike down hard.   It's rather intense.    Strings are then plucked for some sound between the Orient and a cowboy type of western.   The next song begins ringing and then kicks in a bit louder.     This brings about this sort of Pong type of dinging sound which resonates through the atmosphere.  

We somehow manage to find our way full circle on this cassette with a return to the ambient drone side of things, complete with a beating heart vibe.    Ambient waves accompany synth tones out of a video game.     As beautifully and fully as this cassette begins, so does it end.    I wouldn't say that this ends with a whimper nor a bang, but it just kind of rides off into the sunset.   In fact, I imagine a lot of the way that this cassette begins as it being that silhouette of a figure riding up to begin the movie.    Yes, this is something you need to enjoy repeatedly and take a little more from it each time.

This cassette has since sold out but more information on it can be found here:

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