Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cassette Review: Dream Vacation "Exude Sorry" (Personal Archives)

In between the world of punk rock, rock n roll and a little bit of that hardcore feel exists a genre that I can never quite put my finger on but always seem to enjoy the bands which live in it.   Seriously, if anyone knows the name for this genre please tell me because I don't think there is one.

Sometimes, you can describe the sound of a band by thinking of it like a recipe where different elements are combined to form a new sound.   This could be applied to Dream Vacation but really only in the sense that they do have hints of other bands but they don't always come out at the same time.    One thing I can hear in these songs throughout this entire cassette is Hot Water Music so we'll just put that out there first.

Other bands that I can hear in these songs include Halfacre Gunroom, Rise Against, Piebald and 1000 Mona Lisas.    Now, the amount of the first two of those bands is minimal but what you have to understand about the other two is that they go back and forth.   I never really hear Piebald and 1000 Mona Lisas at the same time-- they seem to take turns on songs.    When Piebald is more present the songs have those punk rock chords I love and just seem more... I don't want to say melodic, but there is a different vibe.

When there are the sounds of 1000 Mona Lisas (Look specifically into their song about rather dying than having to touch you) it has more an angry sound.    It's not easy to describe unless you are familiar with both of these bands, but this does create a rather original sound for Dream Vacation and one that I certainly enjoy.

If you have ever watched a game show such as "The Price Is Right", the term Dream Vacation might mean something different to you than it does to me.   For years, I've struggled with being able to tell the difference between dreams and reality at times.    In that sense, going to sleep, going to that other life, can provide a sort of vacation from reality.   That's how I like to think of the name.   But their song "Empty Head" says it best: "We find the strangest ways to cope with the pain".

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