Monday, July 31, 2017

Television Review: GLOW (Netflix Original)

There was a time when I was into many of the Netflix Original shows.   I was watching "Orange Is The New Black" from the start, but after a few seasons I gave up on it as I gave up on Netflix.     When I heard about "GLOW" becoming a series and specifically it being for Netflix I did what anyone without Netflix would do-- I signed up for the free month (again)

I certainly enjoy the connections between this show and the world of professional wrestling.   To me, the original "GLOW" is something I was always aware of I just never really watched it.   It wasn't that I wasn't a fan of it- or even was a fan- it was just something I would see from time to time flipping through television channels in my youth.

So what does "GLOW" mean as a show?  Well, it's a comedy and a soap opera wrapped into one, so in that sense it does have a lot more in common with professional wrestling than most people would like to admit.    But at the heart of it, there is something relateable, something entertaining.   People who refuse to watch it just because they don't care about wrestling must have really enjoyed their time in prison before watching OITNB.

It seems like one of the standards in Netflix shows, unfortunately, is nudity ("We're not even HBO!  We're Netflix!") and with a show full of women you know it's only a matter of time before you see little Annie from "Community" naked, but thankfully there isn't as much nudity as there could have been considering these women share a locker room together.

Oh, and not to play the gender card or anything, but Marc Meron is hands down one of the greatest parts of this series.   If you watch it only to get caught up in his character and forget who he is... He brings such life to his character and it really adds a depth to the show that I didn't expect it to have, and maybe it doesn't even need it as it can somewhat take focus away from the women, but damnit I'm not going to complain about it.

Fans of professional wrestling will catch little hints here and there that non-fans won't, but it's okay.    The show is enjoyable either way.    I actually also am quite surprised that my spirit animal (in human form) Kia Stevens is such a great actress.    Well.   I take that back.   I shouldn't be surprised.    She excells at everything she does.    But she took to acting so naturally if you told me she was the professional wrestler of the group and I didn't know better I'd think you were ribbing me.  (See?  Get it?  That's a professional wrestling reference!)

The 1980's were a different time altogether, but as I type this there are several promotions based around women in the United States.   Women have a more prominent role in professional wrestling as they are no longer viewed as just managers or eye candy.    Right now (right now right now) WWE is holding the first ever Mae Young Classic- a tournament of women.    So I suppose one of the reasons I like this show as well is for the nostalgia factor.   Something like "GLOW", as it was in the 1980's, simply couldn't exist today.     Now I just wish I could watch all of those original episodes for a reasonable price.    I guess I'll just catch up on the Netflix Originals I abandoned some months ago instead.

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