Thursday, July 20, 2017

RBG Summer Jamz 2017 OUT NOW!!

Collecting 24 of the best songs sent our way recently, RBG Summer Jamz is the essential playlist for the summer.    Split into two parts- Side A and Side B- to get you into the cassette spirit.    And, well, if you share it around social media one lucky person will be chosen at random to receive an actual physical cassette of the mix!

Songs featured include:

[ Side A ]

"40 Years Of Hip Hop" by The Hood Internet
"Stretch 2-3-4" by WatchTheDuck Feat. Pharrell Williams
"Self-Destructive" by MOTHICA
"Wild Animals" by FJØRA
"Runaway" by Julietta
"Erupt" by Be The Bear
"City Of Gold" by Thea & The Wild
"American Nightmare" by DYLYN
"Blur" by Alexa Dark
"Mechanical Bull" by Stella Donnelly
"Breathe Again" by Lodato
"This Is How It Ends" by ANIMUS

[ Side B ]

"Bang Bang" by Bianca Gisselle
"Planetarium" by Carmen Villain
"Tainted Emotions" by Danny Darko ft. Alisha Jade
"Do You Know" by Oddie Room Project
"Simple Love" by Fanny and the Atta Boys
"The Whip" by Hanne Hukkelberg
"Someone" by Anna Of The North
"Sojourn" by AJ Salvatore feat. Tessa Marie
"Gave Away" by Sian Cross
"Calm Down" by Lone Kodiak
"Lost" by Club 8
"I've Told Lies" by Dani Le Rose

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