Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cassette Review: obody "Is A Bridge / A Ready Place" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

Today was a snow day.  I was stuck inside.   They said the snow was coming and though sometimes they can be wrong, today they were right.  I got out of bed around 11 am and looked out the window but all I could see was white.   The snow had blown and covered my screens so I couldn't see much past it.   I saw a car parked in my driveway.   It wasn't mine.   It was covered in snow.   Most everything out the window was a sheet of white.

I had a lot to do inside today-- cleaning, organizing, purging.   It kept me busy and made the day go by so that I didn't feel so trapped, so that I didn't get that cabin fever.   Then around night time, after it was dark, I put this cassette on.   The perfect mix of beauty and murder.   Somewhere between The Wallflowers and Murder by Death, these songs have that old soul feel to them.    Not "soul" like James Brown, but you know how they say someone has an old soul?

Listening to these songs made me want to cut my hair.   Listening to these songs didn't make me sad though-- they made me feel content, which is odd because they have that sort of darkness surrounding them.   They aren't exactly on the same spectrum as Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen but they have that same mentality.

I don't know what to think of these songs in terms of how you should listen to them.   They're not happy songs, but that doesn't mean they're not for happy people.   And even though they could be thought of as sad songs, that doesn't mean they will make you sad (or if you are already sad they won't make you feel worse, they might even make you feel better)   I just know I'm always going to relate them to this snow day from now on which seems rather fitting.

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