Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cassette Review: Fetishes "Onryō" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

The first time I listened to this cassette I didn't know what to think and then the second time around it fit me like a glove.   Every time I listen to this cassette it seems to make more sense to me and the great part about that is this cassette seemingly just keeps on giving.

Side A opens with static, somewhat into a void of darkness, but there are these mechanical elements to it as well.   In some ways this entire cassette reminds me of that movie "Pulse" in the way that technology comes to life.   There is a decent amount of talking during these sounds though and that just goes with what I'm hearing otherwise because I'm beginning to think of this as some lost radio transmission from some lone survivor on a forgotten island somewhere.

On the flip side we have the same static and somewhat mechanical elements but the mood grows sadder, darker.   At first, the sounds I hear that appear to be made by the human mouth remind me of crying but not in a typical way but rather as a deep sobbing.   I listen to this part for as long as it goes but every time I begin to think more and more that perhaps it is not crying that I hear but something else.    I feel guilty admitting that this seems like an audio illusion- that my ears are playing tricks on me and somehow this has been crafted for me to hear what I want to hear (I am sad, so thus I hear crying)

We keep going into pianos and what almost begin to sound like screams.   What are the seven stages of grief again?   I'm hearing some I Like You Go Home in here but at the same time I'm just kind of excited to be exploring these new places because it's got this sound of ambient/noise/static that you might otherwise hear only on itself (and they'd likely call it "drone" too) but there are other layers in here which just make it fantastic.

Other factors will come into play before this cassette comes to a close and those will perhaps clout your judgment but the fact remains through it all that what is being created here is similar to what I have heard before as drone or even a static drone, but then it is taken to whole new level by adding in other elements and not even in an obvious way but just sort of slipping them into the background so you listen to it a few times over and go, yeah, that is there, I like that.

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