Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Massolit "Western Flyer" (Custom Made Music)

I'm not sure why but the name Massolit sounds familiar to me.    This is the only piece of music on their Bandcamp though and since it has the Custom Made Music logo on it I'd think maybe I'd reviewed something from Massolit before but that doesn't appear to be the case either.   All I can think is that perhaps I found this cassette while browsing Bandcamp one day and maybe I even emailed them requesting a copy to review- I have no idea, but the name Massolit is familiar to me as soon as I hear it and that's not a bad thing.   Some names I still struggle to remember.

Through these four songs come an interesting blend of rock styles.   From Ben Folds and Semisonic to that slower, more melodic pace of Boy Sets Fire (you know the songs I'm talking about-- not the angry ones), there is almost this sense in here of something you might hear from Beck or even dare I say Piebald.    It's somewhat instrumental in the way that there appears to be more music than vocals on the songs and I'm fine with that as well.    A decent amount of distortion can also be found in these songs.

While I fully enjoy these four songs I must file one small complaint with this cassette- it is only four songs.   When I listen to Massolit I hear something which I don't hear in every piece of music I listen to these days.   I haven't used this phrase in a while because it hasn't presented itself in some time but from Weezer's blue album to The Pale (Pacific)'s "Gravity Gets Things Done", I just feel like if there were ten or twelve songs by Massolit on here we could have that experience of each song feeling like an album in and of itself yet all still being connected somehow.    So bring on more Massolit, please!

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