Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Aux Portes "S/T" (Custom Made Music)

[$8 // http://custommademusicva.com/release/st-cassette-2/]

One of the biggest reasons why I love music so much is because it is something that I can find so much joy in but it doesn't have to hold any certain sort of recipe or standard.   It's somewhat different from how I feel about food, for example, because I like sushi and there can be really bad sushi out there which I won't eat and I find myself being so picky about it.   That isn't to say that there isn't bad music (because there is) or that I'm not picky about music (because I am) but when you think about places within driving distance of me that serve good sushi and then the number of cassettes I could listen to and enjoy, which do you think is greater?

The first sound I really hear on this Aux Portes cassette are spooky synth keys.   An instrumental number, it has that old school "Scooby Doo" vibe to it but also can remind me of something like the Groovie Ghoulies.   It's a fun song to kick things off, though throughout the cassette the mood does change.    A surf rock guitar riff brings about singing and we go into some good old fashion garage psych.

It can get pretty trippy at times and then the distortion levels remind me of being lost in a sea of rock, something I hear mostly from a band like Porno for Pyros or maybe even Superdrag (not the distortion on Superdrag so much but the melodies)     A classic rock feel also can come out with this just as well and as the pace quickens I am reminded of Tora Tora Torrence! and bands along those punk rock lines, even The (International) Noise Conspiracy to an extent.  

As we started, this cassette ends with psychedelic keys.    It just goes to show you that good music can be found without following any real formula other than being good.   I go to this buffet near me and their sushi is really good- so without really knowing what any of it really is I just put it on my plate and eat it because it tastes good.  (If I'm eating something like octopus I'd really rather not know)   In that same way, I thought that maybe this would be an instrumental cassette.   I didn't know based upon the first song, but I definitely enjoy what it grew into and it's just one of those rare surprises you can find after so many years of listening to so much music.

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