Sunday, November 13, 2016

Toy Review: WWE Zombie Paige (Mattel) [Figure # 146]

When I first saw the prototypes for the WWE Zombie figures I thought it was odd WWE would wait until now to try and cash in on shows like "The Walking Dead", though to be fair, according to Kevin Thorne WWE has never quite been on the ball in that sense.    So, I looked at the series and thought to myself "These are nice but I have no real need for, say, a Zombie version of Dean Ambrose".    The best two of them- aside from Paige- are Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker.   The Undertaker even has a coffin shaped plastic blister and so that kind of made me want to buy it to keep MOC but I still passed.   This is even the type of series you could buy to keep MOC and look back on fondly one day since it might not get a second set.

But should Mattel decide to make a second set, I would certainly buy Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and even Samoa Joe as zombies.   Just... For the record.

When watching Impact recently I was thinking about how much I like The Decay- and have an RA style Abyss figure- and how I could come about making a custom Rosemary figure but I feel like this Paige could serve that spot nicely.    Just pretend she is Rosemary for the kids, so now I'm thinking up a Crazzy Steve custom.

In any case, this Paige figure was the only one I wanted in this series because it was the third Paige figure released by WWE and we already have the previous two.   If the woman in this series was somehow Charlotte or a Bella Twin I'd not likely care, but since it was Paige we went for it.   I've seen a very small amount of these figures at Toys R Us but they seem to be popping up at Walmart.   I went to my closest Walmart one day and it looked like they had just put out a fresh case but everyone was on the three pegs except for Paige.   It wasn't until Quentin went out without me one day- when I was at work- and he spotted her.  I have taught him well.

Of all the Zombies figures, Paige probably has the least amount of detail.   There is this one spot down near her boot on her left leg and otherwise it's just a few little bits here and there and then her just painted white with no pupils.   In reality, this must have been a pretty easy job for Mattel to pull off as it's not like when they put the t-shirt rips in Dean Ambrose, but then again, you could just as easily say that Paige is one of the closest wrestlers to being a zombie right now and the skin tone didn't really need to be lightened as much as most people probably think.

I know there is another Paige figure coming out with blue in her attire but we have the first two and now with this Zombie figure it feels kind of like we don't need the blue one as much, and yet at the same time I kind of want it just so we can have all of the Paige figures like this.    I am also curious as to how Quentin will play with this Paige figure as he opened the package up but hasn't really made her have a match yet so I'm not sure if he'll treat her like normal or not, but we shall see.   At the very least it will be fun, years from now, for Quentin to see her in his collection still and wonder what we were thinking when we bought it.

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