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Loose Cannon Fodder #44 [11.04.16]

In an attempt to catch up and since the World Series went to an amazing Game 7, we started with Lucha Underground Season 3, Episode 7.   After some of the usual highlights and backstage type of things, Dario Cueto spun the wheel and Killshot was up first against Mantanza.    Mantanza gets the win and after the match someone comes out to confront Killshot.   Killshot looks like he's seena  ghost and is genuinely happy to see this guy, but when Killshot hugs him the mysterious stranger pushes him away and drops a kick to the face.   This guy then beats up Killshot and says "you left me for dead".    We've all seen enough war movies to know where this is going, right?  Killshot: "There was no way you could have survived that grenade!"

Also, I did some research (barely) and this mystery man is AR Fox, who I am certainly happy to see in Lucha Underground.

Dario Cueto announces Aztec Warfare.   He says it will be for the title and his brother will enter at #1.    Cueto then puts the Trios Champs into a match against each other.   The winner will get spot # 20 in Aztec Warfare and the two losers don't get to be in the match.  I mean, sure, it makes sense Dario Cueto wants some real competition for his brother, but this just feels like a way to take two of the best out of the match.    I mean, two spots could be taken by two talented individuals here but instead it looks like they might go to who?   Likely someone such as Famous B who seemingly has no chance of winning.     Drago wins the match and is confronted in the back by Kobra Moon.   She says he needs to win the match to bring the title back to their tribe and he says he left their tribe.   Some random guy walks in and says he thought this was the mens room.   Is that Lucha Underground taking a stance on who can go into what bathroom??

Johnny Mundo cashes in his $100k (or so) he won during the first season and is granted a match with Sexy Star next week.

In the main event, Prince Puma defeated Mil Muertes.   After the match, backstage and all, Rey Mysterio Jr. could be seen talking to Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Rey Rey basically makes the point that either Chaov Jr. has to leave Lucha Underground or he's leaving.   Looks like we're getting a good old fashion "Loser Leaves Town" match soon.   Alllllllllll right.

Season 3 Episode 8 of Lucha Underground opened up with Sexy Star saying she wanted to cash in her Gift of the Gods title for next week but Dario Cueto said she was fighting Johnny Mundo tonight with her friends banned from ringside.   I feel like there was a time once when someone wanted to cash in the Gift of the Gods title and Dario Cueto told him he couldn't do it because he was defending it that night and this just seemed to go so much differently somehow.

Marty The Moth defeated Ivelisse in the opening match.   Sami Callihan made the save and these two have a weird relationship but I'm already tired of Ivelisse being paired up with men.

A vignette airs for a man who says something about following the white rabbit.   He has the top hat and sunglasses that make me think of Adam Rose.    (Spoilers: He is Paul London!)

Cage and Texano are out next for their best of five series.     I'm still tired of any sort of "best of" series and while I enjoy the work of Texano, I'm kind of bored with Cage.   But this match just has me thinking about Texano feuding with Alberto El Patron in Lucha Underground.   Could LU introduce intergender tag titles if Alberto El Patron were to return with Paige?   We've seen enough duos of the sort thus far I think it could happen.    So Texano wins this match and it's now 2-1 with Cage up still.   Comeback victory for Texano??

Rey and Dario work out the "Loser Leaves Lucha Underground" match which is surprising because not only is Chavo Jr. not there but hasn't he been kicked out of The Temple by Dario Cueto before?

With the help of his friends, Johnny Mundo becomes the new Gift of the Gods Champion which I assume means the title match for Sexy Star is off for next week.    Vampiro is still trying to get in the ear of Prince Puma, even calling out Konnan, and then we see the show go off the air.

Matt Striker gets cut off by Dario Cueto to start Season 3 Episode 9.    Cueto says that Aztec Warfare will be in two weeks.     Dario gets to choose based on the wheel and he picks Mantanza vs. Cortez Castro for the opening match.    Mantanza pretty much kills Cortez Castro, who is wearing a "cast" on his arm- broken at the hands of Pentagon Dark- and the cast pretty much rips in half.    Yeah, this was just funny.

So an angle with Prince Puma challenging Mil Muertes to a casket match happened, but it was in between a backstage/office segment and an actual match involving Son of Havoc and Dr. Wagner Jr.   The deal was that if Son of Havoc defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. he could pick the stipulation for Macarita Sagrada vs. Famous B and if Dr. Wagner Jr. won he could pick the stip.   Mascarita Sagrada says he basically wants a "fans bring the weapons" match with Famous B and that should be fun.   But can we talk about the fact that Dr. Wagner Jr. has come to Lucha Underground and not lived up to the hype?   Could you imagine someone pitching this to him?  I'd be like, "Nooo.... I'll stay in Mexico, thanks".

In the main event Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to send Chavo out of Lucha Underground... Again.   Chavo Sr. got involved and tried to give Chavo Jr. the win by DQ but Dario Cueto wouldn't stand for it.     This lead to Chavito eventually taking the loss and being banned from The Temple... once again.   So, I mean, Chavo Jr. hasn't really done a lot since being in Lucha Underground any way- he had a brief Legend Killer bit in Season 1- so, I mean, I'm not really going to miss him as much as I might miss Rey Mysterio Jr. but, yeah, this did feel like the end of a long feud and so that was a nice payoff in some way.

NXT opened with TM61 defeating Austin Aries & Roderick Strong as Aries couldn't compete so it was a one on one match and, well, this just makes sense from a booking perspective.  I really hoped that Aries & Strong could go to the finals and even win it all, but with Aries hurt it makes sense to not let the half team move on and, yeah, TM61 winning it all could do wonders for their career as well as I feel like they're one of the tag teams in NXT right now that really needs to break through but hasn't.

In the next Dusty Rhodes Classic match #DIY took on The Revival and, um, wasn't The Revival tag champs during last years tournament?   Either way, I'd really like to see The Revival get called up to Smack Down! and there be a tag team tournament to crown new champions and that's how TM61 could win them.   Scott Dawson (Who is the bald one) cuts a promo pre-match about how he has a knee injury.   Apparently this is legit and they aren't going ECW Raven on us.   #DIY advances without even having a match.    Weird.

No Way Jose and Rich Swann are kicked out of the tournament by Authors of Pain.   Next week it's Authors of Pain vs. #DIY and having TM61 in this tournament still is weird as well right now because I feel like it's actually about the tag teams.   Remember Samoa Joe and Finn Balor won last year just so Joe could turn on Finn, but this time around maybe an actual tag team- not just two guys put together for fun- will win it all.

In the main event, the team of TJP & Kota Ibushi took on SAnitY, which was interesting because we only ever really saw SAnitY thus far defeat Tye Dillinger when Bobby Roode bailed, so unless TJP or Ibushi decide to bail here- which I doubt- this should be a somewhat normal tag team match.    SAnitY got the win- which makes sense because I now fully expect SAnitY and #DIY in the finals with Ciampa turning on Gargano.   Though, you know, #DIY would have to defeat TM61 first and if you want the most well rounded tag team match in the finals, I'd go for #DIY vs. TM61.   But I'm not even sure if these are the final four teams or not because I'm just not paying that much attention and just kind of watching the matches knowing that who wins and who loses isn't really *that* important because, well, look at the first time winners out there holding the titles on Smack Down! and... Wait... No.  I keep forgetting these things.   Haha.  It could be that SAnitY wins and the stable is broken up before Wrestlemania with some members going to different brands.   Who knows.   WWE seems to be booking by throwing darts at a board full of "ideas".

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