Monday, November 14, 2016

Cassette Review: Already Dead VI: Never Die Already Dead by Various Artists (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 //]

[Editor's Note: If you're going to download this one and try and extract the .ZIP folder you will find with standard Windows tools that tracks 8, 12 and 22 all have paths which are too long to be extracted and you might end up having to solve this problem by downloading something such as WinRar... which is what I did]

While I'm not one to think I am better than anyone else based upon musical knowledge or what I listen to, I am happy that Already Dead Tapes and Records created this compilation called "Never Die".    People often want to know what kind of music I like and I usually just give them the broad statement of "I listen to cassettes".   But lots of genres have great homes on cassette- from experimental and noise to ambient and drone to hip hop and even rock.    There really isn't a genre that I can find myself not listening to on cassette because of what is generally thought of as lo-fi quality and at the same time, I still like to just think of myself as listening to music which is *good* over any specific genre.

The thing about this compilation is not that you're listening to a number of artists I enjoy and have reviewed before but that these are some of my favorite artists overall and it just echos what I keep saying about how much I like Already Dead and their diversity of artists while also keeping the general cassette theme alive.  Because all of those genres I named up there in the first paragraph can be found on this cassette among others, so it's not just like a "drone compilation" or a "hip hop compilation" and in that way I feel like it more fully captures the type of music I listen to on the whole.

From Tereshkova kicking things off into Pyramidal, Dead Man's Lifestyle, Filthy Fuckers, More Eaze, Dark the Super, No Monster Club, Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt, (phew!) BBJr, Cop Funeral, Painted Faces and so on and so forth.   You can read the tracklisting for yourself and see all of these amazing artists I don't just think of as names on a compilation or the best mixed tape ever but rather I think of them more like friends because they write the songs I put on when I need music to get me through life.

Now one thing you need to know is that there are only 25 songs on the cassette itself (for time purposes I believe) but there are 32 if you get the download.   I feel like this is one of those cassettes where... Look, I'm not going to lie to you- I never want to insult the intelligence of anyone who might read this and be like "OMG you'll love all 25 songz!!" because you might not.   It's hard to imagine someone who enjoys Dead Man's Lifestyle would also enjoy Mykele Deville.   It's just one of those things where you might like some of these songs, you might even like most of these songs, but you might not like all of these songs and that's okay.   That is to be expected because the number of people who like all of these styles of music presented by these artists is probably over-estimated in my mind.   (I tend to live in a world sometimes where I like something and am a certain way so I cannot understand why the same isn't true for everyone)

Also, there is this song by ialive called "Already Dead" where a lot of the artists on Already Dead are name-dropped (like the time that Gym Class Heroes used all the names of those emo bands they played shows with on that one song... like "Took cutie for a ride in my death cab" and the such) and that song just makes me happier than you will ever know.   Can you catch all the artist references in it?  I bet you can't.

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